Who Are We? A Mirror for Tech Comm and UA Professionals

There is no question that the software development world offers a lot of excitement and challenging work. The best user experience features quality words and images in the user interface. The UX of a robust product is also enhanced through comprehensive user assistance. This includes Help, wizards, FAQs, videos and much more.

As technical communication professionals, we employ a wide variety of skills and techniques in our work. We are particularly challenged by having to master a wide range of disciplines. From foundation skills like writing and editing—to the coding of content—to usability testing and user interface design, we find ourselves in a profession that is difficult to define.

  • What is it that we really do?
  • What emphasis do we place on writing and editing—versus coding and design skills?
  • What platforms do we support?
  • Which technologies are most important to us?

Through a series of surveys, collaboration with peers, and discussions with leading technical communicators, Joe Welinske has some answers to those questions. In this session, Joe will present a snapshot of our collective professional life in an attempt to identify what we value in our daily work as user assistance professionals. Find out what interests and challenges you share with your UA peers. The content will include information on skills, technologies, tools, and salaries.

Management & Careers
Location: Caldwell Lounge Date: October 4, 2018 Time: 9:00 am - 9:30 am Joe Welinske Joe Welinske