Using Customer Analysis in UA Design

User assistance must be understood in a larger context in order to maintain its value and relevance. Documentation, training, and customer support must all be integrated as part of a conversation with the customer. For our product at Paragon, customer support includes helping the customer understand how to use the product more effectively but also having the customer help us to understand what they are trying to accomplish. So adding videos, e-learning, and doing regular web conferences with customers augments what we produce in terms of online help and a knowledge base and becomes just part of a conversation with the customer that was started with the Sales staff and the Consultants and continues, and even leads to more Sales as the customer gains confidence in our ability to help them solve their problems. As we drive our user assistance projects, we must recognize that it is part of a larger ecosystem of information, namely the customer conversation that starts with a sales transaction and continues with customer support. If you are in a small company, or a small department of a large enterprise, and have to develop user assistance for software, which is part documentation and part user interface design, you need to consider more than just the narrowest definition of user assistance centered on your product. This presentation aims at encouraging you to see how to converse with your customer, how to collaborate with your customer, and ultimately succeed by helping your customer succeed.

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Location: Date: October 28, 2014 Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am Bill Albing Bill Albing