Interview with Neil Perlin

Neil Perlin and Joe Welinske talk about structured authoring without a CMS and introducing newbies to authoring tools like Flare. Neil’s Charleston sessions include: Structured Authoring In Your HAT I Just Bought Flare – Where Do I Start?!

Interview with Anita Horsley

Joe Welinske talks to Anita Horsley about Captivate and responsive design. Anita’s sessions in Charleston are: Using Advanced Shared Actions in Adobe Captivate An Introduction to mLearning for the Responsive Age

Interview with Mirhonda Studevant

Joe Welinske talks with Mirhonda Studevant about ways to help your organization create a more unified culture for developing user assistance. Mirhonda’s session at WritersUA East: Cultivating a Unified User Assistance Culture

Interview with Bill Albing

Joe Welinske chats with Bill Albing about his use of customer analysis in user assistance development. Bill’s session at Charleston is: Using Customer Analysis in UA Design

Interview with Shane Taylor

Joe Welinske talks to Shane Taylor about his experiences with agile development in producing user assistance. Shane’s Charleston session is: Creating User Assistance with Agile Teams

Interview with John Daigle

Joe Welinske talks with John Daigle about responsive design, RoboHelp, and Captivate. John’s Charleston topics include: Please, don’t squeeze the layout! Let it Respond Integrating Captivate HTML5 Tutorials within RoboHelp Projects

Interview with Larry Kunz

Joe Welinske talks with Larry Kunz about his work in managing a wide variety of user assistance projects and working with distributed teams. Larry’s sessions at WritersUA East include: Setting Expectations through the Doc Plan Working with Distributed Teams

Joe Welinske on Mobile UA

Joe talks about finishing his book on mobile UA and the things he is going to be talking about at the Charleston conference. Joe’s conference topics include: The Language of Touch: For the Desktop & Mobile UA An Aggressive Approach to Concise Writing Trends in Mobile User Assistance

Interview with Scott DeLoach

In this UA Webcast Scott DeLoach and Joe Welinske discuss a variety of issues related to CSS and PDF techniques. Scott sessions at WritersUA East include: CSS3 To the Point MadCap Flare: Designing Content for Online and Print